Through the "Painting"

Federation tower, Moscow

March 2 – April 1, 2007

As a special project for the 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the exhibition titled Through the "Painting" explored the status of painting in present-day art. The exhibition was set in the Federation Tower, where the central project also took place thanks to the sponsorship of the Flo Art Fund.

The Federation Tower skyscraper was then at its final construction stage, which allowed it to accommodate the five exhibitions that composed the main project inside the 3000 sq. m. area on one of the top floors. This new space, the future technical facilities area of the building, devoid of any decor or layout, permitted the creation of an individual architectural background for each of the projects, while the magnificent panoramic view from the windows became a separate show in its own right.

The Through the "Painting" exhibition featured an international group of artists: Mladen Bizumich (New Zealand - Germany), Sergey Volkov (Russia), Anatoly Shuravlev (Russia - Germany), Vadim Zakharov (Russia - Germany), Michael Lin (Taiwan - Japan), Karsten Nikolai (Germany), Timur Novikov (Russia), Andrey Royter (Russia - USA), Maria Serebryakova (Russia - Germany), Lee Songsong (China) and Peter Zimmerman (Germany). Alongside the exhibition the organisers produced a catalogue that comprised all the exhibited works and articles written by art critics Ekaterina Andreeva and Catherine Bekker.

The theme of this project allowed a number of very different artists to be brought together, as all of them were looking for an answer to one of the main professional questions in modern art: the issue of the status of painting and redistribution of its functions towards new artistic techniques and styles. The works were located on two converging walls and from the corner one could see the entire exhibition. Paintings dominated but were not the only genre represented, visitors could also see a number of photographs, video-installations and mixed-media works.

The project provided material to analyse the problems of modern artistic image and reflect on the trends followed by international art over the last 15 years.

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